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Name : Kazuo

Age : 31

Date of Birth : 22 January, 1976

Address : I'm living in Yokohama now. I was living in Osaka for 7 years, in Australia for 2 and a half years, in Seoul for half a year, and then in Beijing for 9 months. I've also been to the US for 42 days. My hometown is Kochi in Shikoku, the South-West area of Japan. You can see where it is in the picture.

My face : Chinese think I look like Chinese. Japanese think I look like Thai, Malaysian, or Indonesian. No one says I look like Japanese. A lot of Japanese say I look like Yakkun, Japanese celebrity.

My character : I'm really cheerful. :-)

Major at college : English and American literature (I changed my major from architecture. I wanted to be an interior designer.)

Club (Extracurricular activity) at school : ESS (English Study Society)

Position in the club : I acted as Chief of Public Speaking Section in 1996

Part time job : Japanese and English teacher in an intensive course at a cram school (private school) for 10 days

My interests : Computer (Internet, E-mail), Marathon, Street dance (Funk dance), Magic, Singing at karaoke, Billiard, "Shogi" or Japanese chess (I got second prize in a Shogi competition.), Going to a fitness club (swimming and muscle building), Studying English, Chinese and Korean, Internet auction

My favorite movie : SF(Science Fiction like Star Trek, Star Wars)

My pc experience : I bought my first pc on Dec 20 in 1998. Please calculate.

My special ability : Public speaking (I won 3 first prizes, 2 second prizes, 1 third prize, and 1 fourth prize in English oratorical contests.)

Qualifications I have : 233 in CBT(Computer based test) TOEFL, 577 in Paper-based TOEFL, 940/990 (Listening 475/495, Reading&Grammar 465/495) in TOEIC, Straight A's in CEELT (Cambridge Examinations in English for Language Teachers), System Administrator (Computer's qualification), Expert of "Microsoft Word" and "Microsoft Excel" in MOUS 97 (Microsoft Office User Specialist), 4th dan in Shogi (Japanese chess), Driver's license

Full marathon (42km) record : 4 hours 59 mins 5 secs

Half marathon (21km) record : 1 hour 35 mins 6 secs

Cigarette : I've never smoked. I believe the first cigarette is the first step to the addiction.


If you know about Japan, read below.

University : I graduated from Kinki University.

Favorite Japanese singers : Aqua Timez (NOT "Times"), Hikaru Utada, Hiro (Hiro was a "Speed" member.)

Favorite Japanese songs : Romance-No-Kamisama (the God of Romance, in English) by Komi Hirose, Haru-spring- by Hysteric Blue

Favorite Japanese comedians : Sanma Akashiya, Downtown


Thank you. :-)


Copyright(C) 2000 Kazuo. All Rights Reserved.

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